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Uphill Rush 4 Gameplay

Players compete in a race uphill using various different vehicles while collecting cash points on the course. As the player earns more cash they may upgrade their vehicles to gain a better chance at the race. When the player starts the game, they will be given a tube to ride through the race course until they earn enough cash to upgrade to vehicles like a semi-truck, motorcycle, go-cart, jet ski's or even animals such as a Dolphin. There will also be objects and obstacles in the way of the player that they may smash through while racing.

How to Play Uphill Rush 4

Uphill Rush is played using the directional keys and various other keys on the keyboard. Players may press the up key to accelerate and the down key to reverse while the left and right directional keys keep the player's balance by either leaning back or leaning forward. The player may also press the Spacebar to jump or perform special stunt moves while in the race. If the player presses the X key, they will initiate a turbo boost to help them gain an edge on the competition. Lastly, the M key is used for the map and the P key may be pressed to pause the game.

Uphill Rush 4 Tips & Tricks

The player may press the Spacebar when they are airborne to do stunts and tricks to earn points. However, if the player lands face down on the race course they will have to restart from their last checkpoint in the race which can be a costly mistake. To avoid this dilemma, if the player presses the Spacebar to perform stunts in the air, they should use their left and right directional keys to either lean forward or back slightly to balance themselves out for a successful landing.

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